Financial Planning For Retirement
Wealth Management Services
Life Settlement management, Annuities,
and life insurance policy purchasing.
Financial Planning For Retirement
Life Settlements | Annuities
Life Settlement management, Annuities,
and life insurance policy purchasing.

conservative investments

Your Partner For Retirement Planning

Our years of experience has helped countless clients grow their portfolios so they are prepared
for a comfortable retirement for investors and their families.

Life Settlement Management

Leveraging our expertise to navigate this specialized market for potential financial growth.

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Utilizing our expertise to assist investors in securing stable income streams for retirement and financial planning.

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Sell Your Policy Direct

We provide clients with comprehensive guidance and support to make informed decisions tailored to their financial goals.

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knowledge and experience matter

Conservative investments
for maximum return

American Financial's goal is to help people make their assets grow safely. We do Low Risk investments with above average returns. Our customer base continues to grow. We help 95% of the people who come to us. We only represent companies who are rated A to AA by AM Best, Standard & Poor and Weiss. We specialize in IRA's, 401K's, 403B's and non-qualified money. Minimum investment $100,000.

Contact us to speak with someone regarding investing, a living trust, life settlements or your retirement.

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Real Profits For Real Clients

Life Settlements are one of the most conservative investment opportunities.
Our clients have been growing their portfolios since 2016 and have been making money for retirement.

Returned To Clients Since Origination
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